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Weekly Round-Up: Education News

First off, sorry for the lack of updates.  Between being snowed out of New York City thanks to the Christmas 2010 blizzard and blogging for Roots & Wings International, I’ve been quite busy. School just started back up last week, also, but enough with the excuses, let’s look at those headlines!

Florida Students Aren’t Doing So Well In Science:

A Look At Apps (No, Not Appetizers) In The Classroom:

At Davos, Bill Gates Speaks Up About Ed-Tech:

Woman Falsifies Address, Goes To Jail, All To Get Kids Into Better School:

Google Donates To Make India’s Schools Better:

Should Parents Be The Ones Getting Graded?


Weekly Round-up: Education News

New “international” university to be built in Haiti:

Education Summit in D.C. Has Tech on the Brain:

Online education up 30% at Nebraska University:

Verizon’s New Holiday Feature? Free Educational Resources Website:

Weekly Round-up: Education News

It’s International Education Week! I’m very excited to be attending several seminars and lectures at Columbia University and participating in an online global education conference.  I’ll be sure to blog after the events and share the great info I learn. Now, let’s get to the news.

Acclaimed International Ed Program for students in D.C.

International Education Week underscores the importance of language, culture study.

U of Virginia seeks way to realize the ‘Global University’

Millions of children in Haiti to lose schools, unless…

U.S. ‘eager and open’ to students from Pakistan


Weekly Round-Up: Education News

$35 dollar computer opens up educational opportunities in India:

Teaching with cellphones in South Africa:

Study abroad may lead to better GPA and graduation rates:

Korea makes great strides in education:

New U.S. program to enroll 50,000 Middle Eastern students:

Weekly Round-Up: Education News

Sorry for the lack of updates. It has been a very busy month at the high school where I currently teach. I should be back on track now.


Report ties Pakistan schools to militancy and violence:

Sex-Education program causes stir in largely Catholic Phillipines:

The hidden costs of “free public school education” in Myanmar:

Migrant students struggle to get an education in China: