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Weekly Round-Up of Education News

Here is today’s round-up of education & ed-tech news. Some interesting stories going on out there.

Hawaii plans a virtual commencement ceremony for online students.

Technology advances nursing education.

‘Celling’ technology in the classroom.

Some W. Va. schools closing the book on laptops


iPad 2 for Education?

Sign me up! Though the debates about technology in education are very real and both sides present compelling arguments, I firmly believe that technology such as the iPad can and should be used to bring innovation and excitement to our stale, stale methods of educaing children in the 21st century.

…and my typing this blog on my new iPad 2 has nothing to do with my opinion, though it is very convenient. 🙂

Check out the NY Times article below and the always thoughtful comments for an excellent overview of the problems and possibilities at hand.

Classmate PC’s: 1.5 mil in Brazil and 3 mil in Argentina

Brazil and Argentina have been bitten by the technology bug, it seems. Brazil plans to purchase and distribute 1.5 million laptops (Linux based) in 2011, and Argentina is already working on deployment of 3 million laptops under their Conectar Igualdad program.

More at OLPC News: