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Australia Tweaks One Laptop Per Child’s ‘Drop Off’ Deployment Model

OLPC australia

Photo Credit: The Australian (National & Business News)

I found the following link on Twitter (see previous post about the awesomeness of Twitter as a learning tool) and wanted to share it with all of you:

The One Laptop Per Child program’s model of “drop off technology and hope the kids learn” deployment has deservedly been under fire for years. Despite the, I believe, truly good intentions of Nick Negroponte and those working on the OLPC project, there have been many, many problems with the program over the years. A lot of those problems stem from the way they view the device and ‘install’ it into developing country schools around the globe. In a nutshell: OLPC has a relatively ‘cheap’ kid-friendly laptop (with a new tablet coming ‘soon’) that they convince education departments in developing countries to buy. After that, they may or may not provide technical support and other services. The main thing is the thing itself: the XO laptop.

So Unlearning Blog’s article about Australia’s twist on the usual model is refreshing and hopeful. Please check it out for yourself and see how they intend to get buy in from the local level and train teachers first, before paying all that money and having the laptops sit around in corners or have the entire program deemed not worth continuing (as it was in Alabama in where 15,000 laptops were ordered but only used for a year, since the project was shut down).


Let me know what you think of it!