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Happy 2 Year Anniversary, E4E!

Two years ago today, I started this blog. While you might be thinking “Really, she’s celebrating after only 2 years?” it truly represents a fairly significant milestone for me. With all of the options out there (Google+, Facebook, Twitter,, RSS, Blogger, YouTube, Vimeo, etcetera, ad infinitum) for viewing and sharing media and viewpoints, it can be difficult–at least for me–to stick to any one thing overly long. I even recently used NetVibes to aggregate all my feeds and promptly abandoned it after three days (which isn’t a commentary on NetVibes so much as it’s a commentary on my own reading / researching habits).

So anyway, I just wanted to mark the occasion and re-commit to blogging about my research and interests where educational technology and international education are involved, and keep sharing great stories and findings with all of you. Thanks for joining me on this little journey in my tiny corner of the web.