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Happy 2 Year Anniversary, E4E!

Two years ago today, I started this blog. While you might be thinking “Really, she’s celebrating after only 2 years?” it truly represents a fairly significant milestone for me. With all of the options out there (Google+, Facebook, Twitter,, RSS, Blogger, YouTube, Vimeo, etcetera, ad infinitum) for viewing and sharing media and viewpoints, it can be difficult–at least for me–to stick to any one thing overly long. I even recently used NetVibes to aggregate all my feeds and promptly abandoned it after three days (which isn’t a commentary on NetVibes so much as it’s a commentary on my own reading / researching habits).

So anyway, I just wanted to mark the occasion and re-commit to blogging about my research and interests where educational technology and international education are involved, and keep sharing great stories and findings with all of you. Thanks for joining me on this little journey in my tiny corner of the web.



Twitter as a Personal Learning Network

Back from a long, mostly restful holiday break. School just started back up yesterday and I’m already enjoying my classes very much. I’m studying virtual worlds, mobile phones for learning, interactive media, and instructional design of ed tech.

But as much as I learn from my classmates and professors, I also learn a lot from Twitter. I’m still relatively ‘new’ to the Twitter scene, but I’ve already made some fantastic connections and picked up some great resources that have informed my research and studies. Twitter, despite my initial misgivings (aka: social media fatigue), is actually a wonderful way to start your personal learning network (PLN). It is truly easy to find and connect to other educators, researchers and #edtech gurus who all post excellent articles and provide a lot of ‘food for thought’ throughout the day. While at first, my English-major tendencies scoffed at the miserly 140 character limit, I now view it as one of the greatest benefits of Twitter: you can follow leaders in your field and other contacts, get their take on issues and avail yourself of their shared resources, without having to have long, protracted conversations with each of your followers or those you yourself follow. For a busy world, Twitter is perfection personified.

So, on that note: Follow Me @lindseyedixon and help me stay up on all things #edtech and I’ll do the same for you. I’m especially interested in the topics listed on my Twitter profile, but I’m also a musician, artist, polyglot (in training), multi-sport athlete and lover of all things pinot noir, so feel free to chat me up about those things, also.