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So, I’m about to sit down and do some studying for the GRE this July, and as I pulled out my iPad 2 and fired up my favorite app for doing math practice, I figured I could take a second and share it with all my fellow students and teachers (and parents!) out there.

This week’s app–which is totally free!–is called Adobe Ideas. Basically, it’s a white-board that fits in your hands. For teachers, imagine how easy drawing, erasing and writing would be on this thing (with it’s nifty handwriting improvement) hooked up to your projector or TV? For myself, I love to use this in lieu of paper and pencil, which in addition to saving the earth, is a lot easier and cleaner (for lefties like myself who always get graphite all over the side of their hands).

Adobe Ideas can be used for many subjects (like science, as the picture shows), but I prefer to use it mostly for the ease of solving math problems on the go. It’s easy to zoom in and drag around the paper, and I only need one “sheet” per study session, usually, which you can either then save or delete as is your will.

So, that’s this week’s Free iPad for Education app. Check it out now on the App Store while it’s still free.