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To Guatemala I Go!

El Nahual Community Center

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately; I’ve been very busy preparing for my trip to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I leave before the crack of dawn this Saturday and won’t return for almost a month.

While there I will be working and volunteering with an amazing grassroots organization called El Nahual Community Center. El Nahual works with many schools in the area, teaching English, music, the arts, etc. They run programs for adults to earn their diplomas as well as providing a hub for the community.

One of the features I love most about El Nahual is that they require any students coming to study Spanish with them to volunteer at least 4 hours a week. They are the only language school in Quetzaltenango that requires volunteer service–and every penny earned through the language school is fed directly back into the center. It really is an amazing model of cooperation and grassroots spirit.

I will do my best to write and send in some pictures while I am away, but I will be so busy working, I don’t imagine I’ll have much time (even on weekends) to visit the few internet cafes in town. …but I’ll do my best.